About Andrea


cmag_01Chances are you’ll remember Andrea Parker from her work in The Pretender playing the dangerous but very sexy Miss Parker. And no, even though her character’s name matches her own, that was purely a coincidence. She says, “As soon as I saw the role of ‘Miss Parker, I said, ‘Hey, my name’s all over this script.’ I knew I had to make it mine. There was just too much synchronicity for it not to happen. After I was cast, I had to tap into a lot of anger and pain in playing her. We’re both alike in that we go after what we want, but I would never dream of treating people the way she does.” And it was just like that for more than 4 years! Andrea starred every week on The Pretender.

But in year 2000 NBC abruptly interrupted the series, leaving the fans furious with TPTB and leading to a massive Internet campaign, which granted two movies produced by TNT. Oh well, Parker had the opportunity to play Miss Parker in those movies, but since then she has moved on to other projects.

She played in the ABC’s sitcom Less Than Perfect as is Lydia Weston, one of Claude Casey’s snob co-workers, who try to make her life a living hell. More recently Andrea had a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars and, in September 2014, she appeared in the Red Band Society series.

tp_promo_70But let’s travel to the years prior to The Pretender and give some more background on Andrea Parker. She has 3 more brothers and sisters. Internet news claim she is from Monterey County, Southern California, and was born on March 8, 1970 (or 69).

Becoming an actress was never a dream of hers. In fact, what she really wanted to be was a ballerina. She began to study ballet when she was 6 years old and soon she learned to work hard. Andrea says, “Rather than going to play with your friends, you learn at a young age to put on your pointe shoes and practice.” She was even part of the San Francisco Ballet and left her house at age 15 to join it! With that Company, she performed at the Metropolitan Opera House and was on tour for 3 years. However, she was to tall (5’10) for ballet…

ap_firsttweetWhen she returned to California, her career as a contemporary dancer was starting. Andrea appeared in videos, commercials and fashion shows and meanwhile she worked as a waitress to pay for her acting classes. Soon she was discovered by an agent in the play “Fine Line” and she got her first speaking part on the Emmy-awarded Seinfeld episode “The Contest” as the nurse.

After that guest-appearance, she was in many other shows, mainly ER (as Linda Farrell), The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and JAG (Lt. Caitlin ‘Cate’ Pike).