Andrea Parker to Razor Magazine

I hope that someday I’ll work with a director who has the guts to allow me to do the stunts I’m trained for.

— Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker to Razor Magazine – March 2004

Living in California her entire life, it was a given that Andrea Parker would someday find herself dangerously hooked on something. “I got addicted to adrenaline and excitement,” she confesses. But unlike others in Hollywood, the actress and adventure-junkie is talking about stunts, and her passion for doing them herself.

Her dependence on thrills began when she learned to handle a weapon for her role on TV’s JAG in the mid-90s. In order to completely immerse herself in her part as a LT. Commander, Andrea signed up for shooting classes. She was immediately hooked.

At the same time Andrea began taking stunt driving lessons, and now, after 10 years behind the wheel, she is a trained stunt driver. Up for almost everything, Andrea does have limits: “I’m game for any stunts that don’t require heights, fire or genuine life-threatening danger.”

Andrea knew that her body was a valuable instrument even earlier in life. At six years old she was already seriously training for what would be a lucrative, yet short-lived, career in ballet. By 15 she left home to dance professionally with the San Francisco Ballet, but three years later she had grown too tall and was essentially forced into retirement. She hung up her ballet slippers and started acting classes, a move that would change her career path and life.

Realizing that drama was as stimulating as dance, she set out her first audition and nailed the part that would become her big break. Andrea was cast on Seinfeld as the memorable sponge-bath nurse on the Emmy-winning episode, “The Contest.”

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A natural on set, her next job was playing George Clooney’s girlfriend on ER, followed by her pivotal part on JAG. Next she landed a four-year stint on The Pretender playing Miss Parker, a role that solidified her as a mainstream actress and exposed her physical and inner strengths.

Miss Parker, the diabolical secret agent and one of the most influential females, is the embodiment of brains and corporal power, able to outsmart and physically take down men larger than herself. The real Miss Andrea Parker, whose intellect and athleticism echoed her character’s, still raves about her time on the series. “I would reprise Miss Parker in a hot second; I am drawn to her inimitable style.”

Weaning herself off of “iron woman” roles, Parker was recently moved away from pistols and stunt driving to play Lydia Weston, the pretentious, yet self-conscious secretary on NBC’s Less Than Perfect. Instead of grueling physical demands, she challenges herself with comedy.

A hopeless adrenaline addict, Parker continues to seek opportunities to use her physical strength on film. “I hope that someday I’ll work with a director who has the guts to allow me to do the stunts I’m trained for,” she admits. But until then, she promises, “I’ll just continue to burn rubber on my own.”

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