NBC Live transcripts with Andrea Parker

Miss Parker would kick "Xena's" ass!

— Andrea Parker

NBC Live transcripts with Andrea Parker – 11/16/98


AskNBC: guest-iloveclive14 says: Hey Andrea…Who is your role model

AndreaParker: My mother. She is intelligent and strong.

ANDREAPARKER: and independent!

AskNBC: hollyv says: Hey Andrea, just wanted to know if you’ll be working on any other films, or TV movies in the future?


AskNBC: guest-jahan says: Here is a question for Ms. Andrea Parker: Is this the last season! It seems The Pretender is running out of stories!

ANDREAPARKER: OOOHHH you are so cold! Is this Mr. Raines?

AskNBC: guest-ilovejarod says: I love that your character’s name matches yours. What is the atmosphere on the set? Is everybody nice? Do you guys joke around?

ANDREAPARKER: I work with the most talented and loving crew imaginable. When the cameras aren’t rolling there is much laughter!

AskNBC: guest-didi says: Andrea, Do you find that your character is becoming more “humane” in her dealings with Jarod, Broots, and Sidney? In one of the first shows were you “involved” with Lyle? I think Jarod and Miss Parker have a close attachment “she” is afraid to admit. I really love your character and the facial expressions are the greatest along with the comments…don’t stop!

ANDREAPARKER: Unfortunately yes!!!…hahaha. Thank you for the remarks.

AskNBC: guest-peggy says: How alike is your personality and the character you play?

ANDREAPARKER: That depends on my mood. These days I am feeling closer to Miss Parker than ever before.

AskNBC: guest-southernbelle says: Will we be seeing a romantic involvement between Jarod and Miss Parker in the future?

ANDREAPARKER: I honestly don’t know.

AskNBC: guest-leslie_71 says: Andrea…The Pretender has gotten even better this year! How has the show changed from the first season?

ANDREAPARKER: That’s a tough one…how do you think it has changed?

AskNBC: guest-southernbelle says: What are your thoughts on Miss Parker’s relationship with her father now that Lyle is in the picture?

ANDREAPARKER: Just wait. You haven’t seen nothing yet!

AskNBC: guest-ilovejarod says: What do you like best about your character? What would you like to see happen with your character?

ANDREAPARKER: I appreciate her sarcasm more than any of her qualities. Pretty much anything I would like to see her experience will happen when the series is though.

ANDREAPARKER: The only other thing I would like to play up more is her quitting smoking.

AskNBC: guest-julie1 says: Salute Andrea! Do you think there are real PRETENDER in the world?

ANDREAPARKER: Wouldn’t that be nice? Look out Saddam Hussein!

AskNBC: guest-justdandy1 says: I love how all of the characters continue to evolve. Outstanding Acting! Question: In your opinion, given everything that has transpired, does Miss Parker REALLY want Jarod returned to the Centre?

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ANDREAPARKER: You had to go deep. That is intensely complicated. I would like to keep my artistic choices personal. What would you like to think?

AskNBC: guest-midori_special says: If Miss Parker were captured by people-eating cows from outer space, would she use brains or brawn to escape?

AskNBC: guest-midori_special says: The Pretender is the BEST show on TV. Everyone loves Miss Parker! Do you have any input in your character’s development or actions?

ANDREAPARKER: Most definitely.

AskNBC: guest-kathleen says: Is it a coincidence that your character’s name and yours are the same?

ANDREAPARKER: Complete and total.

AskNBC: guest-Aleri says: Andrea, how did you get into acting? I love your character on the Pretender!

ANDREAPARKER: It was a natural progression from my years on stage as a dancer.

AskNBC: guest-msparker_80 says: In the future, do you see yourself in front, or behind the cameras?


AskNBC: guest-jen says: Andrea I’m a huge fan of the show. Is there any episode ideas that you’re pushing the writers for??

ANDREAPARKER: Really, all I want to see more of that they haven’t written for already is the smoking issue.

AskNBC: guest-pixie says: What is the most bizarre question you have been asked in an interview?

ANDREAPARKER: That people eating cow one!

AskNBC: guest-susie says: Do you like the stylish clothes you get to wear on the set? Do you get to keep them? Do you usually where that kind of clothing?

ANDREAPARKER: I think my costume designer is a goddess. I look forward to every fitting. I am her personal Barbie doll and spoiled rotten.

ANDREAPARKER: My character preparation is complete when I step into wardrobe…but there is no way in hell that you would find me in any of those clothes or shoes on my own time!!!!!!!!!!!

ANDREAPARKER: Mostly because that fastidiously attire is related to Miss Parker and her behavior. When you see me on the street, if I am not working or partying, you
will find me in jeans and no makeup.

AskNBC: guest-pyrephox18 says: What would you like to see happen with your character, that you know never will?

ANDREAPARKER: Miss Parker would kick “Xena’s” ass!

AskNBC: guest-mush says: Fan from Nebraska here — will you please describe Miss Parker’s ring for us?

ANDREAPARKER: Cold metal square. Just like her heart.

AskNBC: guest-laurarae_85 says: Does your character have any love relationships in this season?


AskNBC: patrickphile says: Andrea, how do you choose the roles you take? Are there certain character types you like to play, or certain things you look for in a script?

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ANDREAPARKER: First is the quality of the scripts and depending on whether it is TV or film, I look at the producers or directors. Mostly it is the writing.

AskNBC: guest-ambrosia says: Are you worried about being type cast as ‘Miss Parker’?


AskNBC: guest-arkhamer says: Did you ever think you’re character would be this popular?

ANDREAPARKER: Tell the truth, I am surprised that she isn’t more popular than she is. She is refreshing, dynamic, and masculine. I could go on and on with adjectives to
describe how different. she is from other TV characters.

ANDREAPARKER: female characters!

AskNBC: guest-pixie says: Do you receive weird fan mail more suited to your character not yourself?

ANDREAPARKER: but I do appreciate not being shoved down people’s throats.


AskNBC: hollyv says: Hey Andrea, Do you have a favorite Play, or Opera?

ANDREAPARKER: My favorite play is “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf”. My favorite opera is “Carmen” which I just saw…. with Pavarotti

AskNBC: guest-steph2-1974 says: what was your first acting job?

ANDREAPARKER: Seinfeld-The Emmy award winning “The Contest” episode

AskNBC: guest-jen says: What part of the country do you film your episodes in?


AskNBC: guest-parkerfanatic says: Do you watch The Pretender when it airs or don’t you like to watch yourself on TV?

ANDREAPARKER: I usually view each show prior to airing.

AskNBC: guest-midori_special says: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors or actresses?

ANDREAPARKER: Follow your dream and don’t ever give up.

AskNBC: eliciab says: Miss Parker seems to get softer and more caring, do you like this change ?


AskNBC: guest-leslie_71 says: Andrea, Ms Parker is such a serious character. Would you ever want to try acting in a sitcom in the future?

ANDREAPARKER: My experience has been more comedic than dramatic. I supenged myself as a guest artist on many different sitcoms. I have even had quite a few sitcom pilots that never flew. My love is comedy, but I can’t help but enjoy being mean and ornery. Besides I think Miss Parker offers a lot of comic relief to the Pretender.

NBC_Live: Here’s our next to last question…

AskNBC: guest-chauchi says: What’s it like working with a costar you hardly ever see???

ANDREAPARKER: The perfect marriage.

NBC_Live: And here’s the last question….

AskNBC: guest-missy says: I love when your character lets the guys have it. Do you ever help the writers with those zingers?

ANDREAPARKER: I wish the writers were always with me.

NBC_Live: Thank you Andrea Parker for chatting with us…Stay tuned for our next chat!

ANDREAPARKER: thanks and I will see you Saturday!!!!!


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