Article on Razor Magazine

I just got these great scans from Razor Magazine made by Shelley. Andrea’s article features 8 pictures of her. It’s wonderful to have a new article to comment on.


Holiday Greeting Card

Well, to my surprise, this year I got a holiday greeting card from the cast of Less Than Perfect. It was an addition to the one I got from Jamie Denton. 😉 I wasn’t really expecting...


Pretender DVDs

The first 2 seasons of The Pretender are available in DVD. However, for now they are only available in France. It’s 4 packs (2 for each season), with the option of French subtitles or dubbed or...


Andrea Parker to Venice Magazine

Andrea Parker to Venice Magazine – December 2002 ANDREA PARKER Shifts Gears by laura grover Following her run as the famously acid-tongued, stiletto-heeled, and viciously cunning Miss Parker on the sci-fi thriller “The Pretender,” Andrea Parker...


Andrea Parker to Zap2it

Andrea Parker to Zap2it – October 3, 2002 Parker Plays a ‘Perfect’ Part Thu, Oct 3, 2002 08:58 PM PDT by Heather Feher Zap2it, TV News LOS ANGELES ( – Actress Andrea Parker has had...


TNT Yahoo Audio Chat

TNT Yahoo Audio Chat – 01/22/01   moderator_tnt1 Welcome to TNT’s Pretender chat, featuring the stars of the series and Welcome to TNT’s Pretender chat, featuring the stars of the series and TNT’s upcoming feature-length film,...