Site history


Version 1



After some indecision, I decided to launch Andrea Parker ONLINE with this layout.

To do it, I used FrontPage2000, Notepad for some HTML and for the CSS tables, Paint Shop Pro 8.01, Animation Shop 3.0 and Real-DRAW Pro for graphics. I used very little Javascript, which is only used for the search engine.

As for the fonts I used, here they are:Times New Roman, Verdana, Lucida Sans Typewriter for the site; and 04631, BD Engraved Regular e TCLescuelerascript for graphics.


Version 2


My first attempt at PHP coding. This layout took a long time to be completed. I made a couple of layouts before this one, using iframes, but once I learned PHP, I dropped them. *g*

I used FrontPage and Notepad to code the pages, plus Paint Shop Pro for the graphics. I have a feeling that this one is going to be up for more than a month.


Version 3



This one I still love, even after all these years. It was published in June 2004, using using Paint Shop Pro. It was also coded in HTML and PHP.


Version 4


Parker Online was deserving a Winter version, so this layout used white and red. Despite having been designed for Winter, it stayed much longer that planned. Unfortunately, I got sick several times in this period and I didn’t have much time to update or to keep up with the site. Even so, I really liked the colors in this one.


Version 5



Finally I have some time! College is over and I’ve been stable for a year. This was sort of a temporary layout, just to substitute the winter version that was previously online and had a lot of script errors in it. The gallery is up again, after a long absence. Again, Paint Shop Pro and PHP.


Version 6



And here it is. The pink/gray/white layout, designed in HTML/PHP/Flash. This one took me a long time to get ready, mostly because there were things that had been left by all those other versions of the site. It was really needing some clean up.


Version 7


This version was online from Summer 2013 until October 2014. At that time, we moved from the Celebrity sites hosting into a friend’s server. Thank you J.!

Version 8

Fully upgraded! It’s a whole new era for Andrea Parker Online. Welcome!