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Andrea Parker Online

Site Owner: Vania

Reviewed by: Angela

Reviewed on: April 21, 2004

Splash: 5/5

Cool picture — I like the falling of the letters, and I also liked how you give the English or Portuguese language choice. Who would have guessed Portuguese? I didn’t… 🙂 Great job here though!

Layout: 17/20

I like how easy it is to see the stuff and navigate. It doesn’t feel squished or difficult to see what I’m looking at; very nice layout. It makes sense and has everything it needs to be a site 🙂 Good job! I only have a problem with the spacing in between web logs… I liked how on the top of the pages, there ads are very in organized and very neatly fit in the boxes as if they’re part of the site!

Presentation: 10/15

Great job on this– I feel like I’m really in this awesome site without it really being a fan site, you know? Very skilled look here. I only had a problem w/ the same colored background w/ the scrollbar faces. Just having some edges or borders on the scrollbar would have a better feel so that we knew at which part of the page we were at. 🙂 Fast load, too.. I like that! I did find some spelling errors.. so I had to dock off a couple points on that..

Content: 20/20

Awesome content! I had been looking a while back for photos and information this woman cause I really liked her on Pretender and feel she didn’t get a very good role on Less than Perfect but I watch nonetheless because of her, hoping she’ll get some good lines — but I really like how you have about everything someone interested in her would like to know ! 🙂 Question — did you get an autograph of hers yet? Does she do preprint or real? I love the calendar idea! SWEET! 🙂 Really, very unique and beautiful!

Interactivity: 10/10

Yep! Very nice job here.. avatars, sounds!, calendars, videos! I think it’s awesome you have sounds here.. a lot of them too! 🙂 Good job!!! Sometimes it’s hard to find stuff for visitors, and being a fan site, it’s not so hard, but you do an awesome job at coming up with some unique stuff!

Originality: 15/15

Given that I haven’t seen an Andrea Parker site before, unless some have just recently shown up, this is a very original site. (Gee. I just went to the linked section and you have a lot of AP sites you linked.. wow – first you are acknowledging many exist, and second, you’re actually linking them!)

Guestbook: 8/10

Yeah and it matches for the most part! 🙂

Code: 5/5

Yep! on the front page! 🙂 Thanks!

Bonus: 5/5

Truly a wonderfully beautiful site! I’ve not seen one before that was a fan site to her and when you submitted this site, I was shocked to see it was about Andrea Parker. 🙂 Then going to the site, great job at keeping class and beauty in one place 😉 Thank you!

Overall: 90 /100

Highest Possible Mark: 95/105