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Special thanks to:

Cheryl, for posting the pics on the group for all of us to see. 🙂

Amanda, for giving me those Andy’s pictures from the French magazine and for keeping a wonderful website.

Zsazsa, for taking some of your LTP captures. 😉 Your site rocks!

Shelley from Andrea Parker Fan Club for scanning those amazing pic on Razor Mag for us. 🙂

The screen captures are usually done by myself. Those which were not, should be correctly credited. If any of the images displayed here is yours and you want me to add its source or even to remove it, contact me and I’ll immediately correct the situation.

Regarding events, promotional pictures… I do not claim any rights on them. Those images belong to their respective owners and this website doesn’t intend to infringe any copyrights. The images in the galleries were added in there so as to permit an easy access to fans, who don’t have to look all over to them. The fact that some pictures have a text under them stating that they are exclusives to this website or that they were scanned/captured by us, doesn’t mean that they’re rightfully ours. If you would like us to remove any of those photos, contact us.

The same goes to documents published here. The majority of the interviews were collected from various places on the Internet and we tried to keep each source intact. However, if any text doesn’t contain its source and you know where it came from, please contact me.

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And finally, it never hurts to explain once again, that this is only a fan site and we do not hope to gain anything from it. Its goal is only to promote the career of Andrea Parker. We aren’t affiliated with her in any way, nor do we possess any direct means to contact her.

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