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Common Law premieres May 11th

Common Law’s premiere is just around the corner. We’re still out of the loop regarding Andrea’s role on this show. However, we posted a couple of pictures from one of the trailers. Enjoy and...


Common Law premiere date: May 11th

According to Common Law’s FB page, the show premieres next May 11th on USA Network. Andrea isn’t on the new trailer, sadly, but that’s something to look forward to.


Common Law pushed back to Summer

Yep, USA’s Common Law was pushed back to summer season, so we’ll have to wait a little while longer to watch it. Meanwhile, Andrea is returning to Desperate Housewives soon.


Common Law to premiere January 26th

That’s right. Common Law has an air date, finally, and it will be on USA Network starting January 26th. We’re still unsure on Andrea’s role in this show but we believe she’ll be on...