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Christmas cheer is almost here

The Centre elves did it! It’s December 1st and today starts the Centre Advent Calendar in Centre Annex Portugal. And day 1 is a riot! Go check it out here Centre Advent Calendar Thanks...


The Pretender Rebirth

The first Pretender book is about to hit the webstores, on October 7th. More details here: http://thepretenderlives.com


Pretender Fans Campaign

Fans of the Pretender are relentless. Please visit http://www.campaign.pretendercentre.com/index.php and the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Third-Pretender-Movie/252200129421 to join us. 129 fans in 2 days on Facebook!  


Pretender DVDs

The first 2 seasons of The Pretender are available in DVD. However, for now they are only available in France. It’s 4 packs (2 for each season), with the option of French subtitles or dubbed or...


TNT Yahoo Audio Chat

TNT Yahoo Audio Chat – 01/22/01   moderator_tnt1 Welcome to TNT’s Pretender chat, featuring the stars of the series and Welcome to TNT’s Pretender chat, featuring the stars of the series and TNT’s upcoming feature-length film,...


Andrea Parker to Gist TV.com

Andrea Parker to Gist TV.com January 2001 Andrea Parker Revives the Divine Miss P The Pretender 2001 TNT, Monday, Jan. 22, 8 to 10 p.m. ET (Premiere) Repeats (all times ET): Monday, Jan. 22,...