TV Guide Chat with Andrea Parker

TV Guide Chat with Andrea Parker – 9/27/99

Tvgchat: Welcome Andrea, glad you could join us tonight.
Andreatvg: Hello everybody, bring it on!

Question: What´s the best part about acting
Andreatvg: Great question! Hmm. The best thing about acting — the freedom to explore my own person and my own character. The creative license to behave in ways I would be too shy or uncomfortable in reality. Did that make sense?

Question: do u like the cast are they like famliy to u????
Andreatvg: We’re all mad for each other. We get along famously. I spend most of my time with John and Patrick. I adore them.

Question: Andrea, I saw you once on the Keenan Wayans show, and you said you have a foot fetish?!? Does this mean you really like feet or something? Do you like people tickling your feet??! I would love to know what that was all about! Thanks, DebB
Andreatvg: Deb B. First of all, seek counseling! Honestly, it was exaggerated on the stemming from my dance background, the line of a leg is a thing of beauty. It’s not just feet. A beautiful foot in a beautiful SHOE is appealing to me.

Question: Hello! I think that you are a great actress! Are you, at all going, have children on the show?
Andreatvg: Brigitte is a pregnant. I wonder what that means.

Question: What’s your favorite part about getting to be Ms. Parker??? JoDee :o)
Andreatvg: Free license to be as masculine, condescending and provocative as I can possibly be. I’m paid to shoot guns, drive like a bat out of hell and deliver the best one-liners on TV. It’s liberating, what can I say? Especially for a chicken at heart!

Question: Hi Andrea–what do you find most rewarding about your role on the series?
Andreatvg: Stable employment.

Question: Hi andrea! Are we going to see more scenes between Miss Parker and Jarod this season?
Andreatvg: I don’t know. One can only hope.

Question: What was your favorite “Pretender” location?
Andreatvg: The old Sea World where we shot the hurricane episode season 2. Titled Keys. Reason being the weather was beautiful, the location was all exterior. We were on a cliff right off the coast and everybody was upbeat and happy. You can’t beat fresh air and sunshine. Plus I got to get a little squirrely in that jeep. And that was a good time.

Question: Is the Pretender shot in HDT and if so does it make any special demands on filming?
Andreatvg: Not as of yet.

Question: What is a typical day of work like for you?
Andreatvg: 4AM set call. And then a good 12 to 16 hours of high heels and bad attitudes.

Question: If you could have played any character from any film ever made who would you choose?
Andreatvg: At the risk of being repetitive, Emma Peel’s part in the Avengers.

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Question: Hello! I Love you, Andrea! How can you help yourself in this business? What do you recommend aspiring young actresses do?
Andreatvg: Train. That’s it. Train.

Question: What do you find most challenging about the role of Miss Parker?
Andreatvg: To turn her off. To leave her at work.

Question: Is it hard to yell at Mr. Lyle and NOT laugh???
Andreatvg: No. LOL! LOL!!!

Question: What qualities about your character do you most admire?
Andreatvg: Diligence. Tenacity.

Question: I just episode of pretender on saterday and I thought your character was great. Can you relate to Ms. Parker at all?
Andreatvg: More than I would care to admit.

Question: It was revealed in the second season that Ben might be Miss Parker’s biological father. Is this something that might be addressed again this season? Will Ben return to the show? — Cheryl
Andreatvg: I hope so and I don’t know. That’s a question for writers and casting. I only get my scripts a week in advance.

Question: How do you stay so beautiful in all those rigorous action scenes? 🙂
Andreatvg: Have I mentioned that you are my favorite fan! LOL! Oh, I’d love to say a lot of water and hard work, but really you flatter me, and the credit is really due to my personal magicians who paint this barn new everyday. I’m speaking of hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Question: Hi Andrea! Do you surf the net in your spare time, and if so, do you check out The Pretender websites made by the fans? There are a bunch dedicated to you. Cheryl, Proud owner of the Miss Parker Keepers Website
Andreatvg: Never.

Question: Where did you get the gorgeous silver square ring that we see you wear all the time on The Pretender?
Andreatvg: Very interesting! Excellent observation. When I met with the costumer on the pilot in Canada four years ago, I asked her to have an assortment of rings for me to choose from when I came to the fitting. I felt Ms. Parker should have a constant piece of jewelry. And there was something about a ring that felt right. When I showed up for the fitting and saw the table full of rings she had supplied me with, I honed in on this particular one. It’s harsh and angular and square and heavy and cold metal. Just like Ms. Parker’s heart. And I put it on my index finger of my left hand. It fit perfectly, and it’s never been removed. Having said all that, I have been asking the writers to address this ring for the last 3 seasons. I would like for it to have a special meaning of some sort.
Maybe 4th season?

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Question: I heard that you did a L’Oreal commercial awhile back but I never saw it. Have they started airing it yet? — Cheryl
Andreatvg: Wrong! It was Revlon Halston perfume. I body doubled for Cindy Crawford. This was many moons ago. I’m not exactly sure if that’s what you’re talking about.

Question: Who are some of the performers you watch for inspiration?
Andreatvg: Christopher Walken, Madeline Kahn, Tyne Daly. Carol Burnett. Who else? John Turturro. That’s a good start.

Question: Have you done any of your own stunts and if so what was the most challenging?
Andreatvg: Most of them. Hurling a heavy wooden chair thru a breakaway wall that didn’t break away. I broke my finger, continued to shoot for five hours, and drove myself to emergency. All in a day’s work baby!

Question: We would like to see more sexual tension between Jarod and Miss Parker. Is that going to happen??
Andreatvg: I bet you would!! I bet you would! Couldn’t tell ya.

Question: What is the funniest thing that happened on the set?
Andreatvg: It was really late Friday night, it had been a long day of changes and I had made a large cup of hot tea to get a little caffeine jolt. Was leaving hair and makeup heading towards the set. The crew is waiting, they want their weekend bad. As I walk thru the stage door, I’m leaning over to take a sip of my tea. Out comes a crew member from the opposite direction. Hot, creamy, sugar tea all over me. The person who opened the door was horrified, fearing for their job. They’ve destroyed the lead actress, there’s going to be another 20 minute delay. Half hour delay to put me back together again. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. It couldn’t have been timed any better and the joke was on me. Especially really late on a Friday night, things like that are very funny.
PS I was back to the set in 15 minutes, everyone was happy. And now we have endless tea jokes! LOL! I’m not allowed any tea late on Friday nights. LOL!

Question: I think you are one of the most gifted actresses around. You deserve Emmys for your outstanding performances year after year. Please know that your talent and hard work is appreciated and respected by your dedicated fans. 🙂 — Cheryl
Andreatvg: You’re the reason I do what I do.

Tvgchat: Andrea, thanks for joining us this evening. Best of luck on the new season.
Andreatvg: I appreciate your time and your attention. Have a rocking week!


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